Two palm trees

Two palm trees, tall, stand beautiful,
The background a pure blue, not a single cloud to tarnish it,
The two almost of equal height, with similar crowns,
A symmetry and order, it feels good,
But there’s something off,
Something slightly frustrating,
I notice they’re not entirely straight.
Then I hear myself think straight
And I start thinking of you and me and our love,
And I find another kind of beauty in these two trees,
A spaciousness and softness unnoticed till now,
Just as they stand here, queer,
And I wonder if completely straight palms exist at all.


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”Two palm trees”, Gaylaxy Magazine, 21 February 2016

I woke up

I woke up sad, having dreamt or remembered a happy incident with him. Sad because I woke up without him. Sad because it was the past. Sitting in meditation, I suddenly smile. Smile because perhaps he is happy right now. Smile because with all the suffering in the world sometimes someone is happy. Smile because I can be happy when someone else is happy. Smile because in a sense someone else is not someone else. Smile because we are all already enlightened.


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