#metoo - et rettssosiologisk perspektiv

#Metoo-Kampanjen avdekket at seksuell trakassering skjer i stor stil. Dette til tross for at seksuell trakassering er forbudt ved lov. Hvordan kan noe som er ulovlig være så utbredt?

Jeg var nylig i samtale om dette med Anine Kierulf og Marianne Reinertsen i podcasten “Er det lov?”
Lytt til episoden her.

The Hindu interview

“At a time when people in the arts often shy away from speaking of their spiritual practice for fear of being perceived as woolly-headed, apolitical or even dogmatic, Vikram Kolmannskog comes as a breath of fresh air. This poet and Gestalt therapist from Oslo, who recently toured India with his new book Taste and See: A Queer Prayer wears his heart on his sleeve more fiercely than you can imagine.”

Interviewed in The Hindu about my latest book
Taste and See. A Queer Prayer.

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A spiritual and sensual prayer

“To avoid pain some resort to drinking or drugs, others to social media or sex. With silence, slowing down, awareness and compassion something else might happen. And this is what the narrator in the story eventually does. After fleeting chats and hookups, overconsumption of chocolate and Netflix, he goes to a silent retreat.”

I was recently interviewed in the Bangalore Mirror about my latest book
Taste and See. A Queer Prayer.

Read the full interview here

Taste and see. A queer prayer


Together with my friend and fellow writer, Stefan Storm, I have established an Oslo-based, queer-owned publisher, Mohini Books

We are proud to present this first publication.
Taste and see is a story in the form of a poem about a gay man’s quest for love in the world of dating apps and random sex. He explores a relationship that is both spiritual and sensual. But what are we willing to do for love? What are we willing to give up?

The Empty Chair. Tales from Gestalt Therapy

Forthcoming. Pre-orderable now at karnacbooks.com or click on the image

empty chair